Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Poison...Poison...Tasty Fish!

In not so surprising news, the Federal Government is announcing that the same contaminants recently found in pet food that have killed over 5000 dogs and cats, caused the quarantine of thousands of hogs (that may or may not have reached consumers), and were fed to over 3 million chickens (that managed to reach consumers) were also fed to farmed fish.

"Farmed fish were fed meal spiked with an industrial chemical linked to the ongoing recall of pet foods, though the contamination level was probably too low to pose a danger to anyone who may have eaten the fish, federal health officials said Tuesday...It wasn't immediately clear if any of the farmed fish entered the food supply. However, Acheson said at least one firm's fish were still too young and small to be sold. Investigators were visiting other U.S. aquaculture farms that used the contaminated feed." - By ANDREW BRIDGES, Associated Press Writer

They're not sure if the fish are being sold to consumers, but we should all feel ok about it because even though the same contaminants killed our dogs and cats, it probably won't harm humans.

My advice is to be careful what you're feeding your children folks...

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