Thursday, June 24, 2010

Move Over Whole Foods...New Brick & Mortar Food Markets Are Coming to Vancouver!

Looks like residents of East and West Vancouver will be enjoying easier access to good, locally grown/produced foods later this year.  Chuck's Produce & Street Market (an odd name for a store that will be located inside the old Joe's building) is currently hiring and looking to open soon.

And in my hood on the WESTSIIIIIIIIIDE, longtime local food advocates and activists, Heather Lehman and Sunrise O'Mahoney will be opening Little Luna Market soon as well. Thank you, ladies!

I'm thinking the two markets will be as dissimilar as Whole Foods and People's Food Coop, but both are aiming to boost access and support for local agriculture...and That's a Good Thing! (Thank you, Martha.)

No web presence for Chuck's yet (I still think they need some marketing help), but you can visit Little Luna on the web and I recommend following Little Luna on Facebook too.

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  1. Glenn! Thanks very much for the shout out for little luna market. It is a community driven effort that I know will put a smile on lots of faces while making good food more available to this side of the 'Couve. We can't help but be proud of ourselves because we are in such grand Vancouer company!