Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upcoming Seed Saving Workshop From The Seed Ambassadors & Adaptive Seeds - 5.16.2010

SEED SAVING AND SEED STEWARDSHIP: The Path to Locally Adapted Seed and True
Food Freedom

*May 16* - Instructors: Andrew Still & Sarah Kieeger of the Seed Ambassadors
Project <http://www.seedambassadors.org>and Adaptive

*Workshop focuses:*

- -Why Save Seed: A profound act of social and ecological empowerment.
- -History of an Ancient Tradition
- -Seed Sovereignty and Food Freedom in a changing world
- -Willamette Valley as one of the best seed saving regions in the world.
- -Open Pollinated, Heritage/Heirloom, Hybrid and GMO
- -Sources: the importance of choice and diversity
- -Strategies: planning your garden for seed saving
- -Isolation: Crossers and Selfers
- -Population: Inbreeding and Outbreeding
- -Selection: Simple plant breeding for locally adapted seed
- -Harvest, Cleaning and Storage
- -Examples seed stewardship
- -Re-localizing a seed stewardship community

For all of the who, where, when. and how much follow the link to Sunbow Farm.



  1. So where is the workshop to be held, are there fees, do we have to register to attend, etc.

  2. Well shucks...I'm usually pretty good about making sure you folks have all of the particulars.

    Follow the link below to the Sunbow Farm website for more details.


  3. Hi Glenn!
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