Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turkey Day Tip

With another All-American, pigout holiday rapidly approaching and the economy resembling something akin to a giant toilet bowl in mid-flush, I'm sure that everyone is interested in pinching a few pennies and still provide a Thanksgiving feast that is wholesome and delicious. I'd like to continue my erratic series of home economics posts with a link to a really great web site which explains in good details how to slaughter and butcher your own turkey.

I know. It's only going to cost 2-3 times as much to buy a good quality, locally raised bird that's already murdered, plucked, and purged...But if you're on a budget, that extra $25-50 could cover the cost for a fair portion of the rest of the meal, and if you're really frugal, even leave a few dollars in the cookie jar for a decent bottle of grog.

And as a bonus this little DIY project will offer a great opportunity to firm up that farm to table relationship we're all searching for. Right?

Enough inane babbling...on with the show!


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